Related Issuers

We hereby inform you that a relationship exists between the companies stated below and a person of authority* of Optimum Asset Management Inc.;

Accordingly and to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest, please note that in no case will the persons identified below take part in any discussion or investment decision for discretionary investment management that involves the companies related to them.

Optimum Asset Management Inc. undertakes to obtain investors' authorization before each transaction involving securities of a company affiliated with or related to a person of authority of Optimum Asset Management Inc.

The investor's consent can be revoked at any time on simple written notice sent to Optimum Asset Management Inc., to the attention of the Compliance Manager.

* Person of authority in respect of Optimum Asset Management Inc. means any partner, director, officer or employee of Optimum Asset Management Inc. who takes part in development of investment decisions made for a client, or who may have knowledge thereof.

List of companies related to OAM or one of its persons of authority


Related company Person of authority at
Optimum Asset Management Inc.
Cogeco inc. M. Pierre Comtois
M. Pierre Comtois, director Vice Chairman 


Cogeco Cable Inc.
M. Pierre Comtois, director of Cogeco inc.,
parent company of Cogeco Cable Inc.
M. Pierre Comtois
Vice Chairman