Optimum Asset Management (OAM), founded in 1985, has close to $7.5 billion in assets under management in Canada for an institutional management clientele consisting mainly of pension funds, foundations, religious orders and insurance companies as well as for a private wealth clientele consisting of individuals who want to have their personal or business assets managed by financial market specialists.

OAM is a subsidiary of Optimum Group, a private Canadian financial group, founded in 1969, with international operations in asset management, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, life reinsurance, consulting and property management.

Even though OAM was initially created to manage the assets of the insurance companies in Optimum Group, today the overwhelming majority of its mandates are for external clients who benefit from the expertise it has acquired over the years.

OAM sets itself apart with its extensive use of mathematical models, referred to as a quantitative approach, the expertise of the large number of actuaries working for Optimum Group and a culture based on sound risk management of all mandates carried out, whether for large institutions or private wealth clients.

The mandates offered may be diversified or focused on one of the followed asset classes:

Fixed-income securities
Variable-income securities
Asset allocation
Real estate