Two types of wealth management services are offered by Optimum Asset Management, depending on the amount invested. When the amount to be invested so permits, we create a personalized independent management account according to the client's specific criteria and objectives.

Clients whose assets would not allow for effective diversification if they were invested on a segregated management basis can invest in one or more of our five pooled funds. Pooling the funds of our smaller investors enables us to provide better diversification while offering the same high-quality portfolio management as that offered to larger accounts. Optimum's five pooled funds are:

  • Short Term Bond Pooled Fund
  • Canadian Bond Pooled Fund
  • Canadian Equity Pooled Fund
  • Global Equity Pooled Fund
  • Income Pooled Fund

Investors who use the pooled funds decide on the percentage allocated to each with the assistance of one of our experts.

Our fees are based on assets in the case of pooled funds as well as segregated management accounts, rather than on transaction costs, to give you the assurance that we act in your best interests, namely with the objective of increasing the value of your assets. Moreover, the fees are tax-deductible in the case of non-registered accounts.

Our investment vehicles are also eligible for registered accounts, such as RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs and LIFs.