The objective of the wealth management service provided by Optimum Asset Management is to increase the value of your assets while freeing you from the bother of daily management of your investments.

This process first involves determining your financial objectives and risk tolerance with one of our experts and then establishing the investment policy suited to your situation. This document specifies the target returns and limits for each asset class in your accounts. The same expert will also monitor your portfolio and periodically rebalance your investments to maintain the desired profile.

The portfolio managers at Optimum Asset Management then take over, carefully selecting securities with the appropriate risk-return profile, in line with the mandate you have given us. We calculate our fees on the basis of assets rather than transaction costs; in this way you have the assurance that we will act in your best interests, namely to increase the value of your assets. Moreover, the fee percentage decreases as assets under management rise.

The mandates given to us are discretionary; in other words we do not contact our clients to obtain approval for each transaction but instead act according to our convictions, always in line with our mandate. We report on our operations with periodic meetings and account statements that include a list of the transactions carried out during the period, the assets and the composition of the account as well as the return. Our experts are always available to answer your questions.

Your funds are safe because they are entrusted to an independent custodian that holds the securities and carries out transactions according to instructions from the portfolio managers at Optimum Asset Management. The securities custodian, generally an affiliate of a major Canadian bank, monitors the inflow and outflow of funds and ensures your peace of mind.