Universe Bond Heritage ESG

The Universe Bond Heritage ESG strategy is designed to provide high returns while focusing on capital preservation in a controlled risk environment. In order to achieve this, Optimum Asset Management uses its extensive market knowledge to conduct a number of fundamental and technical analyses according to interest rate fluctuations. 

In bear and bull markets alike, we practice disciplined asset management and carefully select the Canadian bonds with the most potential to create wealth.

Our powerful artificial intelligence system for business and finance is unique in Canada. It allows us to be leaders in quantitative research, by giving us an edge when it comes to quickly identifying opportunities in the bond markets. This Optimum agility, coupled with ongoing market exploration, allows us to leverage the most exciting opportunities in order to create value for our clients.

The term ''Heritage ESG'' reflects Optimum Asset Management's consistent engagement towards future generations. 

Strategy Highlights

  • Optimum strategy created in 1989
  • Stable, consistent returns over the years
  • Security selection focused on optimizing returns while reducing risk



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