ESG Universe Bonds

The ESG Universe Bond strategy is actively managed by the portfolio manager, which makes it easy to adapt to fluctuations caused by economic, geopolitical and financial changes. Generally, the portfolio consists of securities from the FTSE Canada’s Universe Bond Index, to which Optimum Asset Management applies insightful tactical deviations. These deviations are grouped into five potential sources of value added and subjected to six analyses by our firm. 

Most of the time, thanks to quality credits from provincial, municipal and corporate bonds, this Optimum strategy offers a greater carry or higher yield to maturity than the index. It also tends to outperform this index, regardless of market conditions.

This strategy is also available through the Optimum Heritage ESG Universe Bond Pooled Fund. The term ''Heritage ESG'' reflects Optimum Asset Management's consistent engagement towards future generations. 

Strategy Highlights 

  • Flexible, actively managed Optimum strategy created in 1989
  • Rigorous investment process with historically better carry
  • Ranked in the first quartile for its category
  • Information ratio above 0.50 since inception

Formerly known as the Active Universe Bond strategy.



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