Short & Medium Term Bonds

An actively managed top-down approach implemented by a portfolio manager, the Short & Medium Term Bond strategy usually includes a portfolio consisting of securities from the FTSE Canada’s short term bond index as well as a specific number of select medium term securities. Certain deviations apply. These deviations are grouped into five sources of potential value added and subjected to six distinctive analyses by Optimum Asset Management. 

In general, this Optimum strategy provides a greater carry or higher yield to maturity than the index thanks to quality credits of Canadian bonds—provincial, municipal and corporate—on the financial markets.

Strategy Highlights

  • Top-down Optimum active management strategy created in 2000
  • Value added of nearly 60 base points over 10 years, compared to the benchmark
  • Ranked in the first quartile for its category

Formerly known as the Active Short & Mid Term Bond strategy.



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