Real Return Bonds

Optimum Asset Management applies an investment process that enables optimal returns for this asset category, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. The real return bonds are actively managed by our team of experienced portfolio managers. An investment in this asset class provides an element of diversification in a portfolio: these bonds provide a steady source of income, while hedging against the risk of inflation on traditional bonds.

The main advantage of real return bonds is the protection they offer against inflation. Given that a bond’s coupon and principal vary, the returns generated by this asset class can offer protection against an increase in inflation. Real return bonds are government issued and are considered reliable investments. Our rigorous and disciplined investment process aims to identify the best opportunities in today’s reality. Our sophisticated technological tools enable us to perform in-depth analysis, while minimizing risk.

Strategy Highlights:

  • Assets with strong potential for appreciation in the next few years
  • Capital protection against an increase in inflation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • State issued bonds


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