Integrated Bond Universe

The Integrated Bond Universe strategy is based on active management by a team of experienced managers. The sources of value added from active management are attributed largely to sector allocation and securities selection. This bottom-up asset management strategy focuses on credit research from data provided by our quantitative and fundamental analyses, as well as our macroanalyses.

Securities are selected with our Big Data tool, an exclusive system developed internally. This decision-making platform enhances traditional fundamental and macroeconomic approaches. The Big Data tool allows us to determine which markets have securities with the best value added potential amongst issuers. This information is then used to develop a more attractive Optimum portfolio of corporate bonds and preferred shares.

Strategy Highlights

  • Bottom-up Optimum active management strategy created in 2016
  • Strategy that includes overweighting of under-evaluated bonds
  • Management team with over 15 years of experience in corporate bonds
  • Strategy supported by cutting-edge technology integrating qualitative and quantitative filters
  • Objective to generate an information ratio greater than 0.50 (high potential for outperformance)




Click here to access the official presentation document.