Public Market Income Core+

The Public Market Income Core+ strategy aims to provide a moderate-risk portfolio that combines capital preservation with the generation of 4% annual returns. Asset management is characterized by limited duration risk combined with increased returns through exposure to the credit market.

For credit bond selection and curve positioning, Optimum Asset Management uses a unique business intelligence infrastructure based on internal ranking of credit spreads, as well as fundamental, quantitative and macroeconomic analyses. This allows us to optimize your portfolio according to the established parameters.

Strategy Highlights

  • Optimum strategy created in 2016
  • Top-down approach with fundamental analysis for security selection
  • Management team with over 15 years of experience in managing corporate securities
  • Use of cutting-edge technology that quickly assesses the intrinsic value of securities
  • Objective to generate an information ratio greater than 0.50




Click here to access the official presentation document.