Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

A Structured, Personalized Approach

Optimum Asset Management’s private wealth management service aims to increase the value of your estate while protecting your capital and freeing you from the daily hassle of managing your investments. An expert will be assigned to guide you through the planning process.

The process starts by establishing your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Next, we establish an investment policy that suits your situation to determine the target and limits for each asset class in your portfolio. Your expert will then monitor and periodically rebalance your assets to ensure that they comply with your investor profile.

The Optimum Elite Experience

At Optimum Asset Management, we offer our clients much more than wealth management expertise. We also offer our elite experience, a full coaching service that, in addition to wealth management, includes all other aspects related to your financial planning—taxation, estate planning, insurance and more—as well as access to financial specialists and other details to simplify your life. 

Our client proximity is one of the distinctive aspects of our offer. We take the time to get to know you when developing your investor profile and portfolio management parameters, to ensure reliable, profitable financial support and services. Our service protocol is rigorous and follows best practices for private wealth management. It prioritizes a healthy risk-return balance and includes regular comprehensive management reports to keep you informed of your situation. Unlike the competition, our reports transparently include all of our management fees.

Developed with our analytical savvy and the highest technology standards available, our investment strategies focus on disciplined portfolio management to optimize returns, protect your capital and give you peace of mind.

Our private wealth management services are founded on four strong pillars:


We practice sound asset management by always setting realistic objectives where the security of your capital is paramount.


We take care to invest in securities whose risks and issues we understand, and avoid speculative investments.


Our team of experts is available to guide you so that you can maximize your portfolio’s return.


Our services can meet all of your financial needs, whether you’re looking to invest in registered (RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF) or non-registered accounts.

Every person is different. That’s why we offer unique, personalized management services: the Optimum elite experience.


Technological advantage

At Optimum Asset Management, artificial intelligence plays a critical role in improving the effectiveness of our processes and the quality of our decision-making.  For this reason, we have developed an exclusive technological tool: the Big Data tool.

This tool does not make any decisions for us. It is an invaluable guide that greatly simplifies our risk management process and optimizes our ability to leverage our analytical knowledge. As a result, it helps optimize returns and protect your capital.

Thanks to its highly powerful algorithm, the Big Data tool has the ability to collect a critical mass of market data, filter it and analyze it quickly. With this information, our investment managers can better identify the best opportunities for potential return in order to optimize management of your wealth.

Independent management

Optimum Asset Management can create personalized independent management accounts for clients with assets of one million dollars or more. Portfolios are managed according to each investor's objectives, criteria and instructions. They are analyzed thoroughly to determine the securities to be included. Clients also have the freedom to identify which securities to include or exclude, according to their wealth management preferences.


We are constantly striving to identify profitable solutions that benefit our clients. As a result, we created Optimum Funds to meet the needs of investors.  These simplified management products allow clients to pool their funds with those of institutional investors with similar parameters. This allows our clients to benefit from more effective asset management and better risk distribution. Pooling assets increases potential returns while decreasing management fees.

Independent group

Optimum Asset Management is a subsidiary of the Optimum Financial Group, a private Montreal-based financial group with international operations. In addition to portfolio management and financial services, it is active in the life insurance, life reinsurance and property and casualty insurance sectors.

The Optimum Group was founded in 1969 and employs more than 600 people, most of whom are headquartered in Montréal, but also elsewhere in Canada, the United States and France. Its employees—who share talent, expertise, commitment, innovation and a determination to achieve—work relentlessly to build strong relationships with their clients to service them efficiently in order to maximize the management of their estate.

Beneficial proximity

At Optimum Asset Management our client-proximity focused services are what set our private wealth management offering apart in a number of ways.

Synergy – Our planners and investment managers work jointly with you to fully understand your needs in order to provide you customized support perfectly tailored to your situation.

Loyalty – Building long term trusting relationships with you and your loved ones is extremely important to us, because we believe it’s the best way to offer you wealth focused stability.

Commitment – Our experts are committed to offering you our elite experience. They make it their duty to meet with you regularly in order to help you fully benefit from our investment expertise.

Reliability – By getting to know you well, this allows us to implement the wealth management strategies best suited for your needs in order to maximize your return on capital while minimizing risk.

Investment Strategies

Over the years, Optimum Asset Management has developed a number of investment strategies to meet the diverse needs and demands of its private wealth management clients. As a result, we can easily identify your needs to help you achieve your investment objectives. In keeping with the mandate you entrust us with, we carefully select the best securities for your portfolio according to your risk-return profile.

Your funds are in safe hands because they are entrusted to an independent custodian who holds the securities and carries out transactions as per our instructions, based on the management parameters we established with you. This custodian, who is usually an affiliate of a major Canadian financial institution, monitors the inflow and outflow of funds related to the management of your estate to ensure your peace of mind.

Asset Allocation

Private wealth management clients have access to Optimum Asset Management’s asset allocation services. Whether for independent or pooled wealth management, these services allow you to fully benefit from our team of experts to determine the Optimum allocation of securities for your investment criteria. 

Based on macroeconomic trends and your level of market knowledge, our extensive wealth management experience can be highly profitable when it comes to adjusting your asset breakdown. Especially when it’s complemented by our exclusive Big Data technology. Proper asset allocation promotes a better return on your capital and helps manage risk to ensure protection of your assets.