Institutional Management


The next generation of custom fixed income

For over 30 years, Optimum Asset Management has been developing responsible investment and asset management strategies with its clients’ prosperity in mind. Our priority is partnership; we begin by establishing each client’s risk budget and the parameters of the mandate. We then develop structured, tailor-made solutions in line with the target objectives. 

We use our analytical savvy, sophisticated research tools, technological strength and well-honed investment process to deliver the next generation of Optimum fixed income. This allows our clients to benefit from consistent and stable returns like never before!  Our consistent results over the years is evidence of our ability to generate prosperity through our rigorous portfolio management approach. Thanks to our peerless financial technology skills, this consistency is stronger than ever.

Our knowledge and discipline have allowed us to withstand the ups and downs of the financial markets, even during crises.  Much to the pleasure of our clients!


How we stand out

  • Our history of regular, stable returns
  • Our capabilities in fundamental analysis
  • Our capabilities in quantitative research
  • Our proven expertise in risk management
  • Our partnership-focused approach
  • The longevity of our firm


Canadian Bonds

Optimum Asset Management has an in-depth understanding of Canadian bonds. Our strong technological expertise also allows us to base our strategies on exhaustive fundamental and quantitative analyses with high-value added.  This is done for all of our fixed income products! 

In bear and bull markets alike, we practice disciplined asset management that aims to maximize returns and minimize risk.  Without fail, we consider all relevant factors—interest rate fluctuations, curve positioning, duration management and more—then carefully select Canadian bonds which offer the best prospects for success.

Our solid artificial intelligence in business and finance is unmatched in Canada. It allows us to be leaders in quantitative research, giving us an edge when it comes to quickly identifying bond market opportunities.  This Optimum agility, coupled with our analytical savvy and continuous market exploration, allows us to leverage the most exciting opportunities and create more value for our clients.  We achieve this by offering a broad range of fixed income strategies that are always up-to-date and meet the diverse expectations of our institutional clients.

Absolute Return

Optimum Asset Management’s Absolute Return strategies differ from traditional bond strategies because they integrate different value added sources. They are designed to generate positive absolute returns in the medium and long term, regardless of market conditions.  Our portfolio management teams select securities based solely on their potential performance, assuming that all financial markets (common and preferred shares, bonds, credit default swaps and options) are assessed on a comparable basis. Observed indicators are combined with data from the financial statements of the issuers being considered. 

With our cutting-edge business intelligence technology, we can determine the most valuable securities in all financial markets. This allows us to carefully select securities from issuers and build a portfolio of corporate bonds and preferred shares with optimum potential for value added.

Liability Driven Investments (LDI)

Optimum Asset Management offers personalized liability-driven investment solutions, allowing us to meet the specific criteria set by clients for their portfolio. With that in mind, our firm has developed a flexible tool that helps manage bond mandates in order to optimize results. 

With this exclusive, cutting-edge tool and our disciplined approach to asset management, we can offer a custom solution optimized for each client, regardless of their investment objectives. Our versatility allows us to easily adapt to all contexts.

Private Debt

This category of assets provides a superior risk/return profile to interested investors. Optimum Asset Management entered this market following an exhaustive, thorough analysis conducted by its team of experienced managers. All the senior and mezzanine debt is subjected to an extremely rigorous process that includes external consultations. 

This rigorous, steady approach is the key to finding high-quality debt securities without neglecting the security of our clients’ capital.


Optimum Asset Management actively manages equity portfolios by combining a bottom-up approach, based on analysis of the most promising business sectors, and a top-down approach, based on the specific analysis of securities.  Its management solution also includes dynamic quantitative research parameters. These parameters are carefully defined and have proven their effectiveness in detecting aberrations in the financial markets, then exploiting them in the medium and long term. 

Combining these approaches maximizes the probability of reaching your objectives while ensuring healthy risk management. It also maintains the portfolio turnover rate at a statistically low level of almost 50%.

Asset Allocation

Optimum Asset Management is a peerless expert in asset allocation. Asset allocation is a fundamental principle of sound portfolio management. It uses asset diversification and risk control to optimize returns and protect capital. 

Our veteran management team has mastered the art of tailoring client portfolios according to the markets’ position in the economic cycle.  To that end, asset classes in a portfolio are distributed according to investor profiles and objectives, as well as their risk budget. Strong asset allocation generally reduces risk while maintaining long-term return objectives.