Low Volatility Canadian Equity

Optimum Asset Management created the Low Volatility Canadian Equity strategy in response to the increased volatility observed in stock market returns over the past few years. This solution allows its clients to review the risk-return profile of their portfolio and adapt it accordingly. 

A Low Volatility Equity portfolio can be the perfect complement to a traditional portfolio. It can also be useful when allocating a client’s assets.

Strategy Highlights

  • Optimum strategy created in 2012
  • Volatility reduced by 30 to 35% compared to the S&P/TSX composite index
  • Higher dividend rate than the S&P/TSX index
  • Turnover ratio of approximately 40%
  • Strategy based on investments in the most defensive sectors



Click here to access the official presentation document.

Please click here to access the Communiqué on our new Optimum Pooled Fund.