Who are we?

Optimum Asset Management is an asset management subsidiary held by the Optimum Financial Group, a private Canadian group with international operations.

With a wide range of traditional, alternative and innovative solutions, Optimum Asset Management manages assets for institutional and private wealth management clients. We redefine investment strategies by combining the high technicality of our experts with our business intelligence technology, while incorporating responsible investment principles into our portfolio management.

Our History

For more than 35 years, Optimum Asset Management has used its expertise to help clients while remaining true to the fundamental values that have guided it since inception:

  • Thorough risk management
  • Full compliance with regulations
  • Training and professional development of a highly skilled team
  • A strategic approach that balances boldness and caution


Our firm is completely independent of all financial institutions, which provides us the freedom to create custom investment solutions for our clients without restrictions. Our creativity and market knowledge allow us to develop diversified strategies based on reliable quantitative and fundamental research, as well as high-value-added technology. 

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of investors, our portfolio management services are founded on extensive experience that guarantees sustained quality.


Only one firm can combine prosperity and financial security at an Optimum level.

It’s up to you to take advantage of our services!

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

From the outset, Optimum Asset Management has made its mark by thoroughly understanding its clients’ goals and effectively deploying its skills to achieve them. Our mission is simple and clear: ensure our clients’ prosperity and financial security. It is supported by four strong pillars:

  1. Top-quality services and investment strategies
  2. A tailored approach that meets our clients’ individual needs
  3. Constant support of employee talent and development
  4. Continuous investment in process improvement

Our Vision

Our vision is dynamic: it combines thoroughness, insight, technology and prosperity. It has helped us build lasting success as a leader in our industry. We intend to continue reinforcing this position by further developing the four strengths that set us apart from our competitors:

  1. Our ability to develop long-lasting, trustworthy relationships
  2. Our ability to evaluate and take advantage of market opportunities
  3. Our focus on maintaining excellence in investment selection
  4. Our creativity in developing profitable, innovative solutions

Our Values

As with all of the Optimum Financial Group’s subsidiaries, Optimum Asset Management stands out due to the seven core values of the organization. These values allow it to respond effectively to the needs and mandates of its clients.


Our development is applied in a perspective of measured and profitable growth, which reinforces our financial strength, our stability and our sustainability.


Our most precious resource and our capacity to distinguish ourselves reside in the talent, the expertise and the sense of innovation of our team.

Employee focus

We pay special attention to our employees, their expectations and their professional development.


We require a high level of ethic, honesty and righteousness in our daily actions, and reflect it in our commitments and our policies.


Client focus

We focus our efforts on client satisfaction and prioritize maintaining long-term relationships with them and with our business partners.


We distinguish ourselves by our rigor in every activity, and at every level of the organization.

Risk management

We ensure that risk management is an integral part of all our decisions.

Our Investment Philosophy

Optimum Asset Management is actively committed to maximizing its clients’ long-term returns while protecting their capital. To do so, we apply a high-tech, disciplined management approach based on thorough analysis of securities and issuers, well-defined risk management and sound investment selection.

Each of our strategies has been developed with a specific process that integrates four types of analysis (fundamental, technical, market sentiment and seasonality) with the application of specific quantitative filters. As a result, we can offer each client a portfolio with an appropriate risk-return profile.

Regardless of the objectives established, our investment philosophy allows us to offer customized, high-value-added solutions that lead our clients to Optimum results.

Our Code of Ethics

Optimum Asset Management has a strict Code of Ethics, where client interests and rigorous monitoring are top priorities. By constantly and thoroughly applying the Code, we ensure that our activities always comply with applicable laws and regulations.  Our Code is distinguished by its stringent monitoring cycle.

  • Overseeing the opening of accounts
  • Daily monitoring of operations
  • Monitoring compliance with investment policies
  • Monitoring compliance with current regulations

Given that compliance is an essential part of our clients’ trust, our Code of Ethics must be read and signed annually by all of our employees and managers. A copy of our Code of Ethics is available upon request for investors, market intermediaries and prospective clients.